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New year, new angle of attack; tiny blurts of update on writing-before-life, but also life, but also whatever comes to me at the time.

I just set off a seismic crisis on my desk by reaching for my headphones; a whole passle (passel?) of stuff fell to the floor in a gentle cascade of paper. This is perhaps a sign that I should clean it.

For a start: I honored my agreement with myself to complete my writing warm-up in its alotted time. This is big for a few reasons: I usually skip out on agreements to me--I always come last and my contracts For Me are the most breakable and the first shit to go out the window when I have other commitments; second, I've been so hardcore write-blocked for eight months that it's started to impact my academic and professional career. The ice is thawing in the nick of time and I'm making demonstrable progress at a number of things, but writing particularly.

Also, this is the first day in over fifteen weeks, maybe twenty--since I made the decision--that I have both been excited about doing a thesis and come up with a fistful of viable potential topics for it. Gotta see what kind of questions I can answer/ask/research with these ideas but I HAVE THEM without prodding or word from on high and that itself is no small feat.

There are no minor miracles.
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