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I'm terrified of this book review assignment, she said, and checking it? I have a month to do something I thought was due next week, praise the Lord.

What remains now is to get my ass off this ottoman and go get ice cream, can I get a hoo-rah.

(Reading my CJ Cherryh again, and that diction'll be sticking to me awhile, not least 'cause it's close to my natural mode.)

I woke up at 3am or so to my dog barfing; at first I thought it was something scratching/rubbing the wall and came up out of a deep sleep telling her to lay back down, then it was to hold her and mop the mess out of the carpet.

Except she was promptly sick again. So 3:15 I carry her downstairs, quietly, in the dark, held to my chest and feeling my way down one rung at a time. I let her out on the lawn and she immediately starts chomping down grass. This is the dog that won't touch the lawn, that wouldn't sit down and get her ass wet in the lawn for a fresh treat, won't go near it on a bribe, let alone a dare.

She was devouring it, frantic and mechanical, like you usually see them do with meat. So I knew she was real sick, or about to be, pretty sick, and there she went, hrrk hrrrk splat on the stones. I swept it up and dodged her trying to kiss me with that face, telling her what a good girl she was and coaxing her inside.

She threw right up on the floor. I wiped that up and just held her a while while she shivered and whined and was generally miserable.

We sat like that a half-hour, me holding her against the chills, thinking I ought to call a vet, maybe when she whines, burps deeply, and relaxes in my arms, soft and still.

When she relaxes like that, she's just a fat fur pillow. I imagine Tribbles are like that, only less cute.

She sat with me until the sun came up and meanwhile I got some homework done.

This narrative has no point, except to tell you, I'm a good pet parent, and soon there will be ice cream, and really, that's sufficient.
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