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That's what we do when we don't know what to do, we put on Steve Perry, fucking loud.

We haven't spoken because I have and haven't had time, in what, a year, almost two.

I have done a lot, just these last two weeks.

You know February is the worst month, the worst week, the worst day of my life. I have a worst time of the worst day of my life.

And an Internet friend of mine, she goes Hey look a Tron contest! and we both entered for a laugh, as a lark, but hoping, hoping, you know. It's Tron. So I plopped in an email and so did she, and I figured that was that. A bright diversion in the middle of a lousy week in the nastiest month on the calendar--its only mercy that it's short.

Meanwhile, there was this new girl at work who bullied the living shit out of me for an entire year and I thought, I had fully accepted, that they were going to hire her on, that I was stuck with her for life.

She quit and moved four states away from me, less than a week after the bad day.

Two days after that, my Net friend was like, "Uh so you know that contest? I think I won."

Which is the story of how we flew down to LA together on like, a second's moment's notice, to go to a Tron show together. Just fucking flew six hours to LA at dawn because, you know, like you do. Radical, man!

God it was beautiful and so much fun. She is such a sweet person, utter riot to talk to; I haven't laughed like that in months, loopy with pancake sugar bombs, and endless fandom talk across a rainbow of shows and references.

I had a total blast.

It was also a Tuesday in the middle of the craziest work week I have ever been under--flagship customer, major account, huge document release and I almost didn't get to go.

That was 2/27 or so, with my thesis draft still due 3/1 and taking a back seat to solid nine hour days grinding copy for this account--I wrote so much for FrameMaker I started dreaming about table width clicks. Miracle of miracles, I managed somehow.

Sweated out a volcano of work by day, ground out my thesis by night, got it in just at the deadline.

So it's March, now, the 8th, and I'm putting out feelers with my thesis committee to make sure we can defend it.

And I pop open an email: Don't forget! YOUR COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM IS ON 3.10.

You know, The Test. The enormous timed essay test that if you fail it, you get one retake, and if you don't pass the retake, you do not graduate. And I had already flunked it once.

And I have maybe not been studying as much as I could, not that I ever had a second where I could have.

I literally broke out in a cold sweat and begged to do the test at night.

So thank god the guy says Sure, of course; timestamps on the emails will prove you finished it in time.

So I studied for two days basically all night long, went into work and worked all day long, came home on the tenth and shoved coffee in so fast I burnt myself before slamming down words.

I don't really remember exactly what I typed. Still.

But I got it in and I got it done in time. (Fingers crossed; I'll know in two weeks.)

So yesterday I spent ten hours at work (my favorite thing about this job is that I don't work Saturdays) and we all chugged coffee and ground out yet more FrameMaker formatting and finished all the content.

New tool new software new project huge account I.

And today? Today Shark Week and DST both start.

Long one short, I've been trying to do my hobbies all day and also all the housework I promised to do, but.

...All I've actually done today is finish half a bag of chips and half a pot of coffee and cry.

I had, like, a huge ugly gabbling booger-infested cry, over The Parent Trap.

So that's me. I don't understand myself sometimes, but I think I like her okay.
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