Jan. 26th, 2015

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Wow, if you look down at my last few entries, my life has done its circle again. I might graduate in the fall if I can get This One Class. I swear to god. It's like a medieval unicorn hunt. Except medieval pilgrims actually stood a chance of seeing a unicorn.

I had ugly dreams that are totally about this spring that I'm not psyched about.

Sure, why not tell the entire Internet; I was always most comfortable yelling at a roomful of strangers.

We were moving--the implication was from Florida, to here--and my old fitness instructor had called up a bunch of his friends to help us haul furniture, which we did until late into the night. Everyone was tired, and we finally cajoled them into taking five.

Stepdad was going to give them a bonus and wanted to, you know, announce it. And everybody's chatting amongst themselves, like you will do, so we flip the lights and kind of ask for quiet.

And this one woman, who looks exactly like a bygone difficult relative, keeps talking. So I ask her to be quiet. And she glares at me and keeps going.

I was so, so pissed in the dream that I am mad typing this. "Are you five? Is this first grade and we have to say OH THE TEACHER IS TALKING, if you shut up for a second you'll get a cookie? Just, just shut up."

We did that three or four times and I woke up out of sheer irritation. So it's going to be that kind of day?

I mean, it doesn't have to be, but that's the stack I woke up shoveling out from under.

I have a lot to do, today--this week in general, and today's the day I get to do most of it.

You care so much. )

You don't understand I've been procrastinating for a semester on this one thing, so it's huge and scary even though realistically it's fart-out-paragraphs tier, mechanical and shallow. Mostly I've got to do all this prep over.


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