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There we go. Stayed up too late on Tumblr and woke up mentally alert without having slept too deeply, shrugging off layers of fatigue and depth. Woke up thinking about what bothered me about a sequence in The Internship: during the Quidditch match, the dude coded as the venal outsider who will do anything for a buck and torments the interns we're meant to identify with, he takes the field with a wordless alpha-male war cry deliberately electronically deepened and distorted; it's the kind of bellow they use for movie monsters, for the Balrog or Godzilla. This guy is explicitly coded as an outsider and almost inhuman.

And Lyle, the nerd with the hair and the glasses and no self-assurance, he shouts "Bangarang!" in a small thin voice that breaks, and his team get their asses handed to them.

There are a few possibilities here: either he's referencing the movie Hook, the post-Hook Avatar: The Last Airbender career of Dante Bosco (90's kids say what), or the Skrillex album of the same name.

Point being, we are supposed to feel a couple things: a hurt for his team as smaller, weaker, and hopelessly idealistic, and a motivation to kick ass for Peter Pan, even though in this incredibly ill-conceived film Peter is a forty-five year old dude in a suit--all of which is so much ickier than it was when I was a kid.

Yeah I had this whole complete mini-narrative analysis of the scene in my brain when I woke up, thusly, and had the ancillary thought that I can't just enjoy movies anymore.

I went back over K-Pax and wow, that movie is so much different now than it was the first time I watched it. I have all these theories about family dynamics now, and relationships, and how this is really just a movie about two dudes who can't communicate for shit, and the psychologist doesn't go through any development in that regard--he just gets passionate about his work again; nothing about his family life improves (and in fact it worsens; an actual human woman would have divorced his ass over what happens in the barbecue scene) despite all these magical life lessons~ and new respect for human life~ that he's supposed to be learning from this guy who might be an alien.

In sum: tepid, not excellently scripted movie benefits exorbitantly from lead casting choices.

College, and grad school, have ruined a lot of films for me. I'm making critical inquiries in my sleep and wow, now I want to watch Easy A again with my blinders off and critique mode on, except, no, don't, just let me have this.

In other news, I dreamed ElecTRONica was back--that it was a seasonal thing Disney only did in the summer.

How does that song go? We found love in a hopeless place.

Man, I wish.


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