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In which the title of today's effort is a general comment on the feeling of looking at the icon that resulted when I hit "random." How terribly deep.

I'm pretty sure I've got con croup from Maker Faire. I rattled out of bed at about 4:35, found the bathroom occupied by a medium-small spider--the kind that is, legs included, just big enough to trigger a general feeling of 'fuck this, no way'--and instead took the downstairs. Sat and refreshed Tumblr amid general feelings of self-hatred until about 5:50 and staggered back into bed. Got up for good around 7:15.

There were things I wanted noted about the Faire, and the one floating to the top right now is an overheard moment in the dark room, the glow forest area. We were staggering our way through there after a dizzying tour of the central pavilion, hot and overtired with that second-day lag, when I flashbulb observed a dad dragging his son, snarling

"You are ruining our day by running off like that!"

and I almost, with that dissolution of boundaries that happens under extreme fatigue, I physically bit my tongue because what I wanted to do was tell him,

"You are an adult, fucking act like it for ten seconds, because your son is gonna remember this shit for the rest of his fucking life."

For real, people who do that piss me off so much, and I know I've done it, and I try never to do it. I'd be a good mom, though I'm quickly approaching stepmom territory.

Last night, Stepdad was super fucking testy with me. I just want that on the books idk.

Gonna get out of here.


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